Join the “Asylum” Production!

We’d like to talk to you about a team we’re putting together.

Are you interested in joining the cast and/or crew for “Asylum?” If you are, let us know! We’re looking for all sorts of people who might be interested in participating the production of “Asylum” in mid-October in Virginia. We will begin assembling the crew in September, with casting in Mid.-September. Please bear in mind, as of right now this is on a volunteer-only basis. If we earn enough from this campaign, we’d love to pay our wonderful cast and crew for their valuable time, but right now we can only offer gratitude, a credit to your name and food over the course of the shoot. We will feed you!

Here are some of the people we will be looking for:
Actors and actresses
Camera crew (Cameramen, lighting and sound techs)
People to help with costumes, props and the set
Artists and designers, especially for promotional art, like posters

There are tons of ways you can let us know if you’re interested. You can let us know through Facebook, Indiegogo, Gmail, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and WordPress!

You can comment to this post, message the “Asylum” page directly or post on our timeline.

Feel free to comment here on our campaign

Send an e-mail to

You can send us a tweet at @TheAsylumFilm, @TehKatieElf or @TAKE_1ENT.

You can comment on this video on our channel or any other, or comment on the channel itself.

Contact us!

Let us know through messages and comments on wordpress

And of course, if you have any question, feel free to ask us, especially for our ‎”Asylum Inquiries” segment!


Team Asylum Thanks their 3rd Backer

We’d like to formally thank our third backer, Cassie Allison for her incredibly generous donation of $35 to our Indiegogo campaign! Cassie is also the first backer to claim an “Entry into the Asylum” perks package and will get a few extra tokens of appreciation with her perks.

Cassie is a fellow Virginia Wesleyan Graduate of screenwriter Katie Morris. Since graduating, the two have often seen each other at various anime conventions. Cassie is an aspiring writer her own right.


Team Asylum Would Like to Thank Their Second Backer!

Today has been a great day for the “Asylum” Indiegogo! 

We have received our second contribution, bringing our total up to $100! Our second contribution comes from Rachel, who pledged $50 and claimed a “Notes from the Asylum” perk package!

Rachel is a cousin of Screenwriter Katie Morris, and is a wonderful, caring compassionate person. She dedicates herself to many causes, especially helping animals in need and helping pets find safe, loving homes via the local animal control and shelters.

Thanks again, Rachel for your donation! We are incredibly touched.



Team Asylum 

“Asylum” has its first backer! Thanks, Michelle!

Greetings, everyone!

All of us here at Team Asylum would like to officially thank our very first backer, Michelle Nuenzig! 

Michelle very generously pledged $50 to the Indiegogo campaign, making her not only our first backer over all, but the first one to claim a perk package as she contributed at the “Notes from the Asylum” amount. 



Michelle is an alumna of Virginia Wesleyan College and was part of Screenwriter Katie Morris’s graduating class in 2005. It’s fitting that the campaign’s first backer should be a fellow Marlin as Katie first wrote “Asylum” as a short story for a course at VWC. Michelle also met the love of her life, John, at VWC.


Team Asylum once again wants to extend it’s most heartfelt thanks and sincere gratitude for Michelle’s kind, thoughtful and generous donation to the campaign! 

“Asylum” Indiegogo Initiative – First Backer Perks!

Greetings, everyone!

In an effort to boost our Indiegogo fundraising campaign, Team Asylum is proud to present “First Backer Perks!”

The first person to pledge money of any amount to the “Asylum” Indiegogo campaign in the amount of any donation will receive some extra surprise tokes of our esteem and appreciation with any other perks that they receive. The rest of these perks will remain a mystery, but we can tell you that they’ll include a special certificate signed by director Gwen Burgess and Screenwriter Katie Morris verifying First Backer Status. They will also not only be thanked in videos and other social media posts, but will have a special video and post on each site to exclusively thank them. In addition to having their pictures placed in Backers Albums on said networking sites, they will be placed in a special “First Backers” album.

After the First Backer surprise perks are claimed, backers can still get their own surprise gifts, videos and thank-you posts by being the first to donate on the various perk levels from $15 onward on the Indiegogo.

If you’d prefer to not be thanked publicly, Team Asylum will respect your wishes.

We also have 42 days left on our campaign! Claim a first backer reward today, and you’ll receive a special surprise added just for today!

So, head on over to our Indiegogo:

“Asylum Inquiries” – Introduction to the Asylum

Hey, everyone! So, we haven’t been showing our WordPress too much attention recently, but we’ve been working on some new updates for you all and have a few more just around the corner.

in addition to expanding our repertoire of social media sites, we have a couple of new videos up on our YouTube channel, which we invite you to check out, subscribe and share. Speaking of YouTube, Team Asylum is excited to announce a new feature of the campaign, aimed at engaging and communicating with those interested in our project and those generous enough to make pledges to the campaign.

We’re excited to announce present, “Asylum Inquiries,” a regularly updated YouTube segment in which members of Team Asylum will answer questions submitted to us by those interested in the film! Basically, if you have any questions for Katie, Gwen or anyone else working on the project, you can send them to us via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, the Indiegogo or here on our WordPress and we will read and respond to them in a YouTube video. All you have to do is comment, message or otherwise send it to us and let us know you want it answered in the segment (For example, tack on #AsylumInquiries to Facebook and Twitter comments). Let us know if you want the question asked anonymously. Have a question for us that you don’t want answered publicly? No problem! Team Asylum respects the wishes of its supporters. Just let us know and we’ll answer your question directly instead.

Here’s how you can contact us!
YouTube: (Take-1 Entertainment)
@TehKatieElf (Katie)

Thanks again for all the support and check out our Indiegogo and other sites! We’re going to have more updates soon and announcements very soon!

Thanks again!


Team Asylum

Asylum is now LIVE on IndieGogo!

Asylum is now LIVE on IndieGogo!

Good News, Everyone!

We have kicked off our fundraising campaign on IndieGogo! Over the next 60 days, we’ll be trying to raise the funds to make “Asylum” into a reality! So, please, check us out, share our campaign and contribute if you can. ANY support is most appreciated.

Also, Asylum now has a brand-new Google+ page. So, if that’s your cup of tea, go check us out!